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25% of all donations in April to SecularFM goes to PA Nonbelievers!

We are pleased to announce that 25% of your ongoing patron support in the month of April to SecularFM goes to PA Nonbelievers! SecularFM is a new project to offer 24/7 online podcasting with entirely freethought content!

SecularFM has already collected around $1,000 in monthly patronage. When you offer your support there, it is a monthly obligation, but can be cancelled at any time. Your pledges help support freethought content on the internet, and of course secular organizations like this one. You can offer as little as $1 a month to as much as you like.

Please note that pledges to SecularFM are not tax-deductible, but they are an easy way to keep getting money to organizations like the Foundation Beyond Belief, and the Richard Dawkins foundation (The first two recipients of their program).

We are honored to be selected to be this month’s recipient, and pleased to be a part of supporting freethought media.

To become a patron of SecularFM, click here.

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