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It’s notable that many hateful, threatening comments received over the Chamberburg public square controversy (from Christians) have strongly suggested that religion is necessary for America to function “properly”.

I draw your attention to an article that might have been missed How To Get Your Ex Back last week on Alternet.Independent researcher Gregory Paul has completed a study that looks at factors of a successful society – crime, drug use, abortion, etc. and finds that particularly prosperous countries were notably non-religious.

See the study here.

Some quotes:

“Popular religion,” Paul proposes, “is a coping mechanism for the anxieties of a dysfunctional social and economic environment.”

“The important thing we’re seeing here is that progressive, highly functional societies can answer their problems within a framework of secularity. That’s a big deal, and we should be blasting that message out loud,”… [comment from another academic]

Another quote mentions that a strong sense of community is more beneficial than “a belief in constant surveillance by a higher power.”

Greater freedom, happiness, equality and prosperity could mean the further demise of religion. We wouldn’t need it. Is that why the strongly religious fight to keep minority views oppressed?

As in all scientific findings and human issues in general, the truth is a bit more complicated. I encourage you to read this article and focus on the “strong community” aspect. We certainly appear to be lacking that aspect of society in our nation right now.

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