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Committee Update

In the April board meeting, the board authorized the creation of the following committees:

  • Media
  • Legal/bylaws
  • Education
  • Activist
  • Fund-raising/Financial
  • Social

I’m happy to report that the following committees are actively forming right now (and are working on current issues):

  • Media: Chaired by Jason Fegely (confirmation vote on Saturday)
  • Legal: Chaired by Josh Neiderhiser
  • Social: Chaired by Grayce Langheine
  • Education: Chaired by Brian Fields (confirmation vote on Saturday)

If anyone is interested in serving on those committees, please let us know!

That leaves two committees as yet unformed:

  • Fund-raising/Financial
  • Activist

We’ve been talking about the Fund-raising committee on the board, as it’s crucial to our survival as an organization. If anyone is interested in serving on that committee in any capacity, PLEASE let a board member know.

Of course, the Activist committee is important to the Nonbeliever movement as a whole. I know we have a lot of activists in our group that are looking for causes and events to participate in to show the public we exist, and that we intend to stand up for our rights. We (the board) have been focused on reinforcing the structure of our organization in such a way that it can continue to grow, and we need help with this function. As with the Fund-raising committee, if anyone is interested in serving on that committee in any capacity, please let us know.

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