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Horsemen, by Victor M. Santiago-Noa, MD

This was submitted by a local atheist and child psychiatrist, Victor M. Santiago-Noa, MD.

It highlights ignorance in 4 basic forms, analogized to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Enjoy!

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Faith is a conscious decision, albeit an irrational conscious decision. Evidence could be mounting. Rational discourse can be crystal clear. But faith is stubbornly maintained in a delusional stance thus becoming the laughing stock of onlookers. When you talk to a poisoned mind you find the most fantastic juggling of non-sense to try and explain the ludicrous intellectual mess that constitutes their religion. The latest non-sense is calling their belief a non-religion. No matter how you analyze it, it comes out this way. They follow an irrational, absurd, false and immoral book. They get together to continuously convince each other that they have the absolute truth. They chant in ecstasy, oblivious to reality. That means that their set of beliefs is a religion. It is irrational and is obviously wrong. Children of these deluded folks are victims of their parents’ madness. When the vermin of faith is seeded in a child’s mind, his brain is seriously damaged. Anti-reason and anti-evidence stances are the most crippling of life positions and for all practical purposes constitute emotional abuse. Faith is not a sustainable decision. Faith is dangerous and harmful to the human species.


The twin sister of faith, revelation is a folk’s tale taken as a sacred truth. Some ignorant nomads of the desert millennia in the past, invented a creed to explain their world and survive in harsh living conditions. The tale was useful then. It covered their ignorance and gave them solace to nurture their primitive minds and manage their fears. After the poorly woven pieces of fiction outgrew their utility, charlatans seized their property. Revelation is the charlatan’s way. When a power-hungry individual wants to impose his will (usually a male), what is more effective than to invoke a higher fig-mental authority to abase his fellow men? The authority must be terribly fearful, a despot willing to destroy anyone that does not abide by his tenets. This almighty relentlessly vengeful psychopath demands adoration and unreasoned loyalty. Thus Jews copied a god from the Egyptians. Christians redefined this god into a nonsensical triad of baloney. Mohamed refined the sadism of this monster to unheard heights of violence and hatred. Fear forces the common person to submit to this fictional abomination with no data in the world to sustain it. Revelation converts intellectual and emotional dwarfs into powerful moguls of tyranny.

Mystical Experiences

Psychotic hallucinations, ecstatic states of mind and mystical experiences appear to be brain functions that can produce extreme pleasure or despair in humans. Mystical experiences can be sister-ed to ecstasy as when hearing music, contemplating art or natural beauty or making love. Mystical experiences can also be right out terrible nightmares of horrifying hallucinations more akin to a psychotic breakdown (i.e., Revelations). The interpretation of these experiences distinguishes a reasonable stance in life from a sick one. Insisting that what a person felt comes from entities outside the body is simply madness. When I hear or play music, read or write poetry or make love, the feeling is one of ecstasy. But feelings are private brain processes, not outside divine interventions. Schizophrenics in their delusional and hallucinatory state seek outside explanations to their experience, only to fall deeper into their madness. The believer, by seeking supernatural explanations to what is a normal, mundane phenomena, recede farther into their irrational stance.


When you assume that something you thought of is true, without putting it to the test of verifiability, practically define what irrationality is. The suppositions used by these blind fanatics appear nonsensical to the outsider. These gullible folks come up with a set of figments and non-sequiturs to ludicrously to try to explain their absurdities. Suppositions by-pass the requisite of proof needed to ascertain that your claim bears any truth to it. The most important aspect of the scientific method is providing means to verify or falsify propositions. Thoughts taken as truth a-priori, are never acceptable in any rational debate or discourse.


Taken together, the above are the basis of all religious beliefs. Taking as a metaphor the book of Revelations, I have called these bizarre attitudes The Four Horsemen of ignorance. Perhaps a better name is the Four Horsemen of Folly.

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