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Dr. Richard Hughes – Christian America and the Kingdom of God

Dr. Richard Hughes, Distinguished Professor of Religion and Senior Fellow in the Ernest L. Boyer Center at Messiah College, will be reading from his new book, CHRISTIAN AMERICA AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and signing copies at the MidtownScholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, this coming Saturday, December 5, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

A marvelous gift for thinking Christians, this book compares the idea of “Christian America,” routinely promoted by fundamentalist and evangelical Christians, with the only phrase in the Bible that is even remotely analogous to the idea of a Christian nation.  That phrase, of course, is “the kingdom of God.”

The differences between the two are stunning.  If “Christian America” promotes power, the kingdom of God promotes humility.  If “Christian America” promotes dominance, the kingdom of God promotes service, especially to those Jesus called “the least of these.”  And if “Christian America” seeks to conquer its enemies, the kingdom of God counsels love for those enemies.  In fact, a comparison of these two concepts reveals that the idea of “Christian America” is essentially an oxymoron — a contradiction in terms.

This book has been endorsed by a wide range of scholars, journalists, and clergy including Martin E. Marty, Robert N. Bellah, Howard Zinn, Mark Noll, Diana Butler-Bass, Parker Palmer, Rabbi Ronald B. Sobel, Walter Brueggemann, Randall Balmer, John Dominic Crossan, and Richard Mouw.

This book retails for $29.95, but will sell for $20 this coming Saturday at the MidtownScholar Bookstore.

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  • satanhimself

    But don’t forget, Dr. Hughes will be the guest speaker at PAN’s Harrisburg meeting in February. I’m hoping that, as a group, we can arrange to read one or more of his books prior to his appearance with us.