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Interfaith Coalition of Washington County to hold a discussion panel with Nonbelievers

Hello all,

The following press release has gone out from the Interfaith Coalition of Washington County:

The Interfaith Coalition of Washington County presents a “Non-Theist Dialogue- Conversations with Local Free-thinkers, Agnostics and Atheists” on April 11, 2012 at 7 p.m. This presentation will be held at the Hagerstown Church of the Brethren on the corner of Washington and Mulberry Streets. An overview of beliefs and definition of Nontheism, with members of the panel sharing how they became Nontheist and the major influences in their beliefs, will be followed by a Q&A time. Light refreshments will be served and a Goodwill Offerings accepted.

The Interfaith Coalition exists to bring people of different beliefs together to promote peace, respect and compassion in our local community. Through dialogue and public presence we welcome each person’s unique spiritual perspective, strive to learn more about each other and honor the diversity of our various traditions. The Coalition provides a monthly ‘Second Wednesday’ series from September through May.

In addition to this press release, I’d like to add that I am one of the three speakers invited, asked to speak from the perspective of an atheist. If you can make it, please do, I’d love to have the support!

Brian Fields
PA Nonbelievers

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