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Introducing the Community Involvement Committee

My name is Zachary Little and though rather new with PAN I have recognized that we have an untapped resource of great people capable of doing great things. After consulting with several board members and some other associate members it appeared that there was a consensual view that, unlike our religious counterparts, PAN (atheists, agnostics and non-believers in general) lacks a presence in our community that could benefit those in need and less fortunate than us. With this in mind, a group of dedicated members met over the weekend and partook in the first of hopefully many constructive meetings on an active and ongoing community outreach program. The new group is called the Community Involvement Committee.

What is it that the Community Involvement Committee (C.I.C.) does?

The goal of the C.I.C. is to cultivate opportunities for PAN members to become, as a unified group, contributors to the well-being and betterment of our communities. Although in its infancy, the C.I.C.  is looking to actively seek out other organizations, groups or non-profits that could use a little extra help from the coordinated efforts of some good atheists, agnostics and non-believers. We will attempt to schedule regular meetings that will consist of sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, delegating responsibilities and strengthening friendships.

Who is the C.I.C. for?

Really for anyone who wants to join. While we are expected to coordinate and implement the outreach projects, we would gladly accept the opportunity for any of our PAN members to get involved. The more people we have the more we can do!  We would also appreciate any great ideas that any members have in regards to charity. We want your input! The only thing required is to take this commitment seriously and above all, have fun!

In closing, I,would like to thank those who have helped bringing this very important program to fruition. More than that I, on behalf of the C.I.C., want to thank all of those who are going to help in the future. This takes valuable time away from friends and family. But remember, the greatest gift to ourselves is giving to others.


The Community Involvement Committee.

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