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Letter from Chambersburg Area Atheist Veteran

From: Alex Reed
To: PAN President
Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2009 9:26 AM
Subject: Contact Form Results

Alex Reed wrote:

I wanted to write and tell you that I was very pleased to see that PAN wanted to
erect a sign in support of the areas atheist war veterans. I served in Iraq
with the Navy Seabees and I am also an atheist. I live in Franklin County, and
I am very disappointed to hear that the folks in charge of the displays on the
square in Chambersburg felt they needed to be single minded about this issue. I
will never be able to understand why uber-religious people feel that they are
the only ones allowed to celebrate the holidays. Most of us love christmas. We
just don’t buy into a virgin birth of the creator father/son/ghost that was
supposedly born in Palestine several thousand years ago. We still celebrate
though. We celebrate reality and the beauty to be found in life and rebirth,
and family. I am a proud member of the reality based community and I regret
that Chambersburg had to act like a fundementalist facist, not allowing the free
expression of all points of view. They just shut it down to everyone instead of
allowing everyone to be included in the squares holiday displays. And
seriously, this wasn’t like the incident in Washington last year where the
freethinker group put up a sign decrying gods and religion alongside the
nativity scene. It sounds as though your group chose a tasteful message, one
that should not have caused controversey. I would have loved to have had the
recognition that your display would have called to the vets who don’t share in
their compatriots religious views. Too many times veteran ceremonies turn into
a sermon. It would have been nice to have a change of pace and be recognized
for what we did. But of course, let us not forget, atheists hate America and
everything it stands for. So who cares what we stand for or what we can
contribute to the communities fabric of ideas. Thanks again for your efforts,
and contact me regarding membership opportunities. Happy Solstice to you all,
and Merry Christmas for those who choose it.

All the Best,

Alexander Reed

p.s.-having a facebook page where people can follow your organization would be

Note from Webmaster: Our facebook page is here:

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  • juliebgood

    Aww, it is so good to hear that some people get our sentiment, and it’s particularly heartwarming for this particular atheist veteran to hear from other freethinking vets in the area *G*