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Letter from Margeret Downey [reprinted with permission]

From Margaret Downey:

I have been in this fight with Mike from the beginning because to me it’s all about fighting discrimination. My amicus brief was submitted out of concern that nontheists in this country become instant victims of bigotry when the government endorses and promotes religion. The entanglement empowers the religious community and degrades the nonreligious community. The basic Constitutional principle of protecting the minority from the majority is corrupted with every prayer uttered in a government setting.

I’m with you, Mike in what ever challenge you might want to undertake to end the promotion of religion by any government official.

We have a good chance at ending the National Day of Prayer. Please support the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s pursuit and please continue to support Mike as he bravely works on reconstructing the Jeffersonian wall of church state separation. It is falling apart before our eyes.

Thanks for all you did, Mike. It was a gallant try and the Anti-Discrimination Support Network was proud to be a part of this legal battle.

Margaret Downey
Founder and President
The Freethought Society
Secular Officiant


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