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More Photos of PAN at the Harrisburg Parade

Here’s the second batch of photos from Dennis, captioned by Carl Silverman!

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  • chriscasar

    America is not a Christian nation. It never was and “by God” it never will be as long as I’m alive. It is a pluralistic nation. Glen Beck slandered President Obama as a racist by association of people he associated with in the past and by the church he once attended but has since rejected. President Obama is the President, who the majority of us rightfully elected as President. He has committed no crimes and his actions attest loudest that he is no racist by any definition. Beck attempted this slanderous attack on the President because he had nothing better to attack the President with at the time and he could use it as a wedge issue with white conservative racists in this country. Beck wrongly slandered president Obama, because Beck is the actual racist, the bigot, and the one representing the most powerful people in the country continuously trying to take away our constitutionally protected freedoms and otherwise.
    We won’t forget what Conservative Christians did and what their blind, reckless, and foolish but extremely subversive and dangerous followers did to this country under the policies of President George W. Bush. Bush violated laws and the Constitution blurred the separation of Church and State, purged the Legal branch of government of anyone who didn’t agree with Conservative ideology, and even threatened to change our Constitution to include Christian religious theology about the religious definition of Marriage, simply to placate the ”radical” Christian minority in this country. Christian conservatives are a fanatical religious minority in this country who do not believe in the religious and political freedoms of all the people. They are every bit as dangerous as any terrorists are to our freedom if not more so because they are willing to use the Constitution as a weapon against the rest of us to further their religious and political control.
    In addition Bush further bankrupted the country with two wars in the irrational pursuit of every American hating terrorist and jihadist around the world, not ever considering the actual effectiveness, practicality, loss of life of both American troops and innocent civilians, nor the cost effectiveness and long range results of such actions. The Bush era policies bankrupted this country, not the policies of the Obama administration. Bush and conservatives only care about themselves and not even that of their followers’ well being or the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. Obama and his supports actually care about the rights and freedoms of working Americans and of all the people.
    We are far freer under the policies of the Obama administration than we ever were under Bush or where we were soon headed. Freedom is more than just lower taxes, which aren’t really lower taxes when you are still borrowing Trillions and robbing Peter to pay Paul. All the borrowing done under the Bush Administration will have to be paid back including interest later on, this is tax on the working class for the benefit of rich and those holding and making money on the debt. Borrowing that has again made the powerful elite richer and more powerful. It has emboldened the corporations controlling the industrial military complex. These powerful special interest groups all beholden to it have made countless hundreds of billions of dollars richer and at the expense of all other Americans and all other sectors of the economy in both blood and treasure. True freedom isn’t about how low taxes are, that is the least important of all our freedoms. True freedom is about religious freedom, political freedom, freedom in the home and of our families, the freedom of keeping the government out of our bedrooms and out of controlling our ethics and beliefs. Freedom is preventing an elite religious group from telling the rest of us what we can and cannot do with regard to marriage, children, family planning. Freedom is freedom from unlawful surveillance, from religious politics and agendas in the courts and freedom from attorney general offices not stuffed with religiously indoctrinated conservatives beholden from politicians who placed them in those positions of power, etc., etc.