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DOGMA DEBATE: Live at Lebanon Valley College!

WHEN: Sunday, May 3rd at 2pm
WHERE: Lebanon Valley College, Allan W. Mund College Center, Leedy Theater
HOST: David Smalley

We are pleased to announce this event, featuring guests we will be announcing shortly.

Dogma Debate is a fast-paced talk radio show that averages 145,000 listeners per month, and topped over 3 million podcast downloads. The topics range from politics and religion to science and comedy, but it’s a favorite among people of all ages and backgrounds. The show is known as a platform for liberal and conservative believers to defend their faith and political views with respectful challenges by those who disagree. It may upset you, it will make you laugh, but most importantly, it will make you think.
David Smalley (@davidcsmalley) is a former Christian musician whose education in psychology, sociology, and world religions, with a deep-dive study of Christianity for more than 14 years, resulted in his atheism. He later became a secular activist and avid speaker, writer, and radio host. David quickly grew Dogma Debate from an idea, to an iHeartRadio show with millions of downloads. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of both Secular World & American Atheist magazines, the author of Baptized Atheist, and founder of He is most known for his respectful approach to believers, most recently featured in the 2014 movie “My Week in Atheism”.

Tickets sales are no longer available online, however we will have tickets available at the door! Come join us!


The guests have been confirmed: Brian Fields, President of Pennsylvania Nonbelievers, Dr. Matt Sayers, Associate Professor of Religion at LVC, and Dr. Michael Kitchens, Associate Professor of Psychology at LVC.

Dr. Sayers is an atheist, but also started a local interfaith group (The Institute for Interfaith Literacy and Leadership) to work with believers and nonbelievers on community issues as well as foster communication.

Dr. Kitchens believes that the Triune God of the Bible exists, and the only way one can accurately and cohesively make sense of reality is by taking into account God’s existence and God’s covenantal relationship with His creation.

Dr. Sayers and Dr. Kitchens debated a few months ago at the college, and this should be an interesting conversation!

All tickets are will-call only, and will be available for you when you show your ID at the door.


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