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Women’s Shelter Project

PA Nonbelievers began a renovation of the third floor resident area of a local domestic abuse shelter in October 2007. Because of security issues and the normal weekday scheduling at the shelter, nearly all of the work had to be done on Saturdays.

The area to be renovated was a T-shaped hallway totaling about 130 feet in length and averaging about four feet wide, including two small stairways and 27 doorways and windows of various sizes. Work began by sanding and refinishing the walls, doors and wood molding (painted bright purple!) around all of the doors.  After some holes were patched and the various plaster and wood finishes were ready, the entire hallway, along with doors, was given a base coat, then repainted in a beige color selected by the shelter staff.

This was followed by a long process of repainting all of the wood molding bordering the doors and along the floor in a walnut brown color that was a definite improvement over the previous purple. Next the old carpeting in the hallway was removed, revealing a floor composed of good hardwood in some areas, and patched-together plywood – and even cardboard – in other areas.  This required the installation of a subfloor.

For the subfloor, a layer of 1/8-inch plywood was meticulously cut to fit every corner and doorway and installed using a compressed air nail gun. Over the new subfloor a new floor of vinyl tile was installed and then sealed around all the edges.  Door numbers, threshold strips, and various hardware items were also replaced or upgraded.

Over 30 PAN members helped at various times with the project, which was concluded in April of 2008. This shelter has become the official charity of PA Nonbelievers and we look forward to working on more projects with the dedicated staff of this most worthy facility.

Photo in upper left is Dr. Doug Sheehan (right) with event organizer, the late Dr. Bob Brown.


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