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PAN Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in York

Submitted by our PANViews Editor, Pam Zerba

Ten members of PAN marched proudly in York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, marking the third year of PAN’s participation in such parades in Central PA.

We had a three-fold goal this year: first, to make a statement of solidarity with our Irish Atheist brothers and sisters in opposition with Ireland’s incredible blasphemy law; second, to emphasize the outrageousness of the PA legislature’s Year of the Bible resolution; third, to remind York residents (especially closeted atheists) that there are atheists in Central PA.

The upcoming April issue of PANViews discusses the Irish blasphemy law (and no, it is not a holdover from the Dark Ages.) PAN Board Member Carl Silverman found a great quote from the renowned Irish writer, George Bernard Shaw, about the Bible, that our members carried on a banner: No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says. He is always convinced that it says what he means. Let’s hope that some of the parade watchers took a minute to think about that.

We’re happy to report that the PAN marchers received only a few rude gestures and boos, while also garnering plenty of smiles and cheers.

photo credit: Carl Silverman

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