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Responses from the Chambersburg Community

Here’s some feedback and local responses from Chambersburg residents to us, from folks that are obviously upset over the Council’s decision to remove the creche.

Joshua wrote:
If you know of Carl Silverman let him know to keep his business out of our
business in Chambersburg. A God fearing Christian without a nativity on our

eric wrote:
If you don’t believe in anything then why do you have a web sight there is
nothing to talk about is there? I think you just like to hear yourselves talk.

Russell wrote:
I will pray to Jesus The Son of the ONLY God there was, is or ever will be that
your eyes will be opened and you will see that HE IS: THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE
LIFE. I hope and sincerely pray that you will come to know him as he is THE ONLY
WAY to avoid an eternity in hell.

John 3:16

Romans 3:23

Chambersburg, PA memorial; IF the soliders who you want to honor that
have died for our country that were truly atheists’ could come back and speak to
you today. I think they would tell you that THERE IS A GOD and HE SENT HIS SON
TO DIE ON A CROSS for my sins, your sins and every human beings’ sins.

May God bless you and may his light and saving grace be seen by you all.

Robert wrote:
May “GOD” send you and your organization straight to
“HELL”!!! I’am a true believer and when an parasitic organism like
yours starts ruin the wonderful Christmas holiday season for everyone. May you
all drop DEAD MAGGOTS!!!

Ronald wrote:
Well congratulations. Or at least you think you won. Getting the Nativity
Scene removed from our lovely Chambersburg square will be a temporary
“victory” at best. This type of stupidity will only result in even
greater efforts on the part of Christian activists like me stepping up the heat.
And I promise you, we will prevail. After all, as an aetheist, you have no

William wrote:
You people are fucking nuts. You want to advertise NOTHING. Do we really need
signs that say believe nothing. Funny how I am a Jew and yet a nativity scene
has NEVER affected my life. Guess what? It never will because I am not a fucking
loser like you. I hope one day you happen to walk on my posted property.

Wayne wrote:
Subject: Chambersburg
If you do not believe, DO NOT take away from others that do!

Marty wrote:
What a bunch of retards you dopes are. Get a life. Why is there a photo of two
queers (green shirt-blue shirt) at the top of your hope page. Hope about doing
something positive not create crap for the rest of americans to have to deal
with. Losers!

Ryan wrote:
May the Lord God our Father bless you during this Christmas season.

mike wrote:
Thanks for screwing up our town, Chambersburg. I was in war and I know for a
fact that there are no Atheists in war. If you dispute that then feel free to go
to war and find out for your self, I know a great front line position just
waiting on people like you. I am looking forward to seeing you in hell while we
sit in heaven looking down on you Atheists

Payne wrote:
Carl Silverman is an asshole.

mike wrote:
you guys are sick not letting a bourough set up a nativity scene may god bless
you before you rot in hell

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  • sw_freak

    After reading all these wonderful comments from the “good” Christians, all that comes to mind is a line from one of my favorite song, “…and what I’m frightened of, is that they call it god’s love.”

  • stopandthink

    Hello. I just wanted to say that I am originally from this area (Chambersburg/Shippensburg), and reading all of these comments makes me seriously rethink ever going back for a visit! I don’t know what else to say to your organization other than “I’m sorry”. I know that your fight was not to get the nativity scene removed, but rather to participate in the wonderful thing we call freedom of religion. It blows my mind to hear these people complaining about losing these freedoms, when the sad thing is that THEY are the reason behind this whole thing. Obviously, if the Council had thought that the people in that town were open-minded enough to see representation from other (yes I’m about to say the ugly words…) NON-CHRISTIAN group and not completely freak out, they would have granted your request. Instead, they decided to protect these closed-minded people from their own destruction. Again, not sure what to say other than just keep fighting the good fight. Anyone who can’t see that you are fighting for ALL OF US (regardless of faith) is only out to prove one thing…that if you are not a Christian, you’re wrong.

  • LadyRebecca

    My husband is an atheist in the US military and I know that he appreciates your efforts. Thank you for fighting for equality and I think it’s tragic that the council’s response was to remove everyone’s voice, least the non-Christians have any voice at all.

  • scottpigeon

    I’m a veteran that deployed twice. Uzbekistan and Iraq. And I’m an atheist.