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Urge your PA State Representative to Co-sponsor the Public School Religious Freedom Month Resolution

Next month, June 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark 1963 U.S. Supreme Court decision banning teacher-led Bible reading and prayer in public schools throughout this nation. PA State Representative Mark Cohen (D-Phila.) is looking for co-sponsors of a resolution entitled Public School Religious Freedom Month which he plans to introduce shortly, commemorating the Supreme Court decision. So far, he only has garnered seven co-sponsors (out of nearly 200 representatives). Six are Democrats and one is a Republican.

This a resolution which PA Nonbelievers drafted, and that all citizens (religious and irreligious, Republicans and Democrats) who respect the U.S. Constitution should be able to support. There is no reason this should not be a fully bipartisan resolution, but we need your help.

Please contact your member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and strongly urge them to contact Rep. Cohen’s office offering to co-sponsor the resolution.

Amidst an ongoing series of right-wing resolutions declaring “Year of the Bible,” “Prayer Month,” “National Fast Day,” “American Religious History Week,” and several Boy Scouts resolutions, as well as a bill that, if passed, would prevent students from
anonymously suing their school districts in state courts if they feel their school is hosting an unconstitutional religious display, this new resolution celebrates the rights of ALL students to be free from coercive school-sponsored religious exercises.

If you know your PA State Representative, call their local office, identify yourself as a constituent, and express your support for Rep. Cohen’s upcoming Public School Religious Freedom Month resolution and ask that they co-sponsor the resolution. This is important even if you know they are an adversary. If the Representative does not take your call personally, ask that they respond to you promptly by phone, email, or letter. (And let us know what their response is!)

If you don’t know your State Representative, go to this page:
and look for the “PA House” or “PA Rep” listing for your street address, township, borough, or city. Please do not contact your State Senator regarding this resolution. This is a House, not Senate, resolution.

If you need help identifying your representative, or have other questions, please feel free contact us.

This effort will only require a few minutes of your time, and is very important in letting the legislators know that they have atheist voters in their district and we are watching how they will vote, even if they don’t co-sponsor the resolution. For those of you who are too shy to pick up the phone, look for the “envelope” icon under your representative’s photo, and click on it to send an email.

Please help, and please SHARE this message with your FB friends throughout PA.

Carl Silverman
Capital Area Director
PA Nonbelievers
Camp Hill

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